Twiki Music & Video App

What was first a small design tweak request turned into a complete makeover of an existing app, leading us to replace poor usability and a crude UI with a fresh interface and intelligent app-flow. We took twiki video app a UX audit and niche analysis to complex product design and go-to-market strategy.


01.Project idea

This music video app on Android makes your music video watching experience a complete joy as you can enjoy it for free on your tablet and mobile devices. Get access to the global music. You may create your own playlist to suit every kind of mood or you may choose from any of the already created playlists that match your mood.

02.Task description

A client approached us to help animate app screens, carry out a UX audit, and improve the app where necessary. That was the initial task. However, the more time we spent analysing the product the more apparent it became the app needed an in-depth redesign to meet the growing market demand. Starting with a UX audit and carrying it through a complete product makeover, we uplifted the Twiki to new levels, providing users with an interactive interface for their meditation breaks.



Challenges and Objectives

Our main goal was to help users get a special feel and become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong after using the app

Mobile app

  • UX audit and iOS app design optimization
  • Optimal interaction between the text, graphics, and animations
  • Powerful UX and UI design which radiates calmness
  • Easy usability for users of all age groups

Landing page

  • Easy usability for users of all age groups
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly design of the main offer page
  • Attractive and interactive home-screen and other interfaces
  • Insightful content and App Store optimization


  • Product launch & marketing strategy across all relevant mediums
  • Use of marketing tools for the promotion of the product
  • Integration with laravel PHP
  • Gamification and self-development approach

Let`s check
Twiki App

Mobile app

Once the UX audit was made we found major issues and several missing screens in the UX-flow that ended up making it difficult to interact with the initial app. Our senior development team rethought the app UX and came up with a new unique interface.


Scope of work

Discovery & Strategy

  • Define idea or company value
  • Research
  • Workshop & idea validation for startup
  • Product planning

UX design

  • UX research
  • App flow / Wireframes
  • UI s & Graphics
  • UI Style guide & Assets


  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand attributes
  • Marketing materials

Web Design

  • UX research
  • Information Architectures design
  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Animations